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SUN – SEP 18 2022        1pm – 3pm            $ 47

301 Bay Street, Monroe NC 


The award winning winery in Monroe, Treehouse Vineyard, and BelaNature are teaming up for an afternoon of fun, creativity and good wine!

The afternoon will start with a wine tasting followed by the terrarium workshop.

Each participant will create their own succulent terrarium with step by step instructions from Sandra Murschel. You will also learn how to take care of your new plants.


Included in price: 

·        Glass bowl for terrarium

·        2 succulent plants

·        Gravel & soil

·        Decorative items such as various rocks, sand, shells

·        Treehouse Cork charm to add to terrarium

·        1 small gemstone

·        Wine tasting from the Treehouse Vineyard

 You also get to take home your glass wine from the Treehouse Vineyard!


 It will be a lot of fun, so join us!!

treehouse terrarium.jpg
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