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This is a little group of people who want to share their love of their garden, be it a flower garden, vegetable garden or simply a natural backyard. Take pictures of what is happening in your garden and share them with me on Google Drive at (or contact me for other options). We will then share your pictures with the group. You can also bring in flowers or make a flower arrangement to show to the group. Or maybe you have too many cucumbers or tomatoes to share? Whatever it is that makes you proud of your backyard - come and share the joy!

You can also order a drink (or two!) from our great neighbors, Home Brew Craft Beer & Smoothies. They have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Weather permitting, we can gather in the garden of the fabulous historic house on 211 S. Main Street!  And who knows, we may sometimes even get to hear some live music from my talented husband, Glen Murschel! 

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