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Feng Shui Level 1 - "The Basic Principles"
by Kay Russell
Thu, Feb 16     7 to 8pm
$ 10.00 
at BelaNature 211 S. Main St.  Monroe NC  630-267-3007


For a happy, healthy, balanced life

…art of living in harmony with your home and

         office environment

… attracting health, wealth, love and creativity

…your current home décor and what it says about your relationship intentions


Kay Russell has been practicing Feng Shui for over 20 years. 

She will guide you to understanding “the art of placement” of items in your home and the colors to use in your various rooms.

Every home can be a Feng Shui success!

Every home has 9 areas; wealth, family & health, knowledge, fame, good luck center, career, marriage, children, mentors & travel.

 The front entry should appear welcoming.

  The bathroom can affect your wealth.

Come enjoy this fun class.

Kay is also available for in person consultation regarding your home or office.

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