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As you might know, when you embark on a journey, it sometimes takes an unexpected turn and leads you on a totally different road. That new road might surprise you and it ends up being a totally fun new adventure! Well, that’s what is happening with BelaNature! We will be closing the doors of our physical location at 211 S. Main St. as of April 21, but we will continue on as a “mobile” business!

As was my goal opening the store, I wanted to bring people closer to nature and it turns out that many customers were enraptured with all the creative ways a plant can be part of your home and/or office. Many customers got excited to get a plant collection started. And my all-favorite times are when people come back telling me how their new plants are thriving and how much they are enjoying them.

I myself learned much in the past 2 years and will now focus on many exciting new ways for handmade items that include plants for you to enjoy. And my plan is to also incorporate different ways to reuse a variety of items as I also have a passion to protect our environment.

I am absolutely excited to start my new journey – and want you to be rest assured that I am not disappearing from Monroe! I will partner up with other local businesses, be present at events and Farmers Markets, have an online presence and still want to continue to help Monroe grow.

Please join me in my new adventure! I will keep you updated of all my locations and products through this same social media. And if you want to get updates via email, please subscribe under the "contact us" tab.

Thank you all for your support in the last 2 years and into this new venture! Couldn’t do it without you 😉


My Vision:

Connect people to nature and their community,

creating awareness of our environment & sustainability.



       This store is dedicated to my always adventurous parents, who will eternally be my inspiration


And I can't forget to mention my two most precious girls!! 

Tree Hugger & Flower Lover

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