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What happens when you plant a seed?

If you plant an apple seed, you will soon see a shoot emerge from the soil with all its might and eagerness. It will see the sunlight and grow happily towards it. However it will eventually encounter drought, heavy rains and storms, it will be prone to diseases and sometimes it needs another tree for cross pollination or you may not get any fruit. But if you help it by supporting it at the beginning, water it whenever necessary, treat it for diseases and add more trees, it will succeed. Easy work? No. But you will one day enjoy some very tasty apples!


That’s how this store started - a little seed planted in my head; I wasn’t sure what kind of seed it was and what I would be growing, but it was there. 

Over the years I grew a tremendous love for nature and thanks to my dear friend Brenda, I also learned that we can each make a difference in our environment. So after moving to North Carolina in 2021, I saw a vision for that little seed. I wanted to share what I've learned and help people find joy in the simple things in life.

So I planted that seed and helped it grow and the more it grew the harder I worked to not let it die. This store now is its first fruit! And I couldn’t have done it without my husband’s support, who was the "second tree” needed to make my vision grow fruit.

With this being said, whatever seed you plant, don't give up on it, for you will be rewarded!


My Vision:

Connect people to nature and their community,

creating awareness of our environment & sustainability.





This store is dedicated to my always adventurous parents, who will eternally be my inspiration


And I can't forget to mention my two most precious girls!! 


Tree Hugger & Flower Lover

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